Federal Mortgage Proposed Settlements With Largest Loan Servicers
Complaint & Proposed Settlements Law Firm Memos
U.S. v. Bank of America Corporation (Complaint)
Global Civil Complaint (3/12/2012)
U.S. v. Residential Capital, LLC
Proposed Settlement with Ally/GMAC (3/12/2012)
U.S. v. Bank of America Corporation
Proposed Settlement with Bank of America (3/12/2012)
U.S. v. Citigroup Inc.
Proposed Settlement with Citigroup (3/12/2012)
U.S. v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Proposed Settlement with JPMorgan Chase (3/12/2012)
U.S. v. Wells Fargo & Company
Proposed Settlement with Wells Fargo (3/12/2012)
Global Foreclosure Settlement: The Success of Herding Cats
K&L Gates (3/12/2012)
Government Servicers Reach $25 Billion Settlement
Supreme Court Decision (4/27/2011)
News Stories
Banks to Face Tough Reviews, Details of Mortgage Deal Show
New York Times (3/12/2012)
US to closely police banks in mortgage settlement
Reuters (3/12/2012)
Housing settlement details filed in court
CNN Money (3/12/2012)
U.S. Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement With Banks Filed in Federal Court
Bloomberg (3/12/2012)

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