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SEC Press Releases


Statement Regarding Madoff Investigation
Release 2008-297 (12/16/2008)


SEC Charges Bernard L. Madoff for Multi-Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme
Release 2008-293 (12/11/2008)

Court Order


Order to Show Cause, Temporary Restraining Order, and Order Freezing Assets and Granting Other Relief
U.S. District Court, Southern District of NY


The Madoff Dissolution: A Consideration of the Bayou Precedent and Possible Next Steps
K & L Gates (12/17/2008)


SIPC to Liquidate Broker Dealer Arm of Madoff Ponzi Scheme
Jackson Walker (12/17/2008)






U.S. securities watchdog issues mea culpa on Madoff
International Herald Tribune (12/17/2008)


SEC Ignored Credible Tips About Madoff, Chief Says
Washington Post (12/17/2008)


Hedge funds failed to spot Madoff risks
BusinessWeek (12/16/2008)


In Fraud Case, Middlemen in Spotlight
New York Times (12/16/2008)


Firms exposed to Madoff's alleged fraud
Reuters (12/16/2008)


Madoff kept two separate books to hide losses in $50 billion fraud, says SIPC chief Harbeck
Los Angeles Times (12/16/2008)


S.E.C. Image Suffers in a String of Setbacks
New York Times (12/15/2008)


How Madoff Tricked the World
Spiegel Online (12/15/2008)


Ponzi squared
The Economist (12/15/2008)


Wall St. Fraud Leaves Charities Reeling
New York Times (12/15/2008)


Madoff Said to Use Unregistered Side-Unit for Clients
Bloomberg (12/15/2008)


Judge signs order to protect Madoff investors and moves case to bankruptcy court
Los Angeles Times (12/15/2008)


'All Just One Big Lie'
Washington Post (12/13/2008)


Where was the SEC in the Madoff Scandal?
Barbara Black, Securities Law Prof Blog (12/17/2008)


SEC Probes Its Conflicts with Madoff
Mark J. Astarita, -- The Securities Law Blog


Chairman Cox Admits SEC Staff Failed To Properly Investigate Madoff
Tom Gorman, SEC Actions Blog (12/17/2008)


The SEC, Inspections, and Bernard Madoff
J. Robert Brown, Race to the Bottom (12/17/2008)


Problems at Madoff Obvious?
Mark J. Astarita, -- The Securities Law Blog


Jenkins on Madoff: let him run Social Security
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog (12/17/2008)


Madoff Victims' Lawsuits Target Investment Firms, "Feeder Funds"
Kevin LaCroix, The D&O Diary (12/17/2008)


Madoff Investors Facing Possible Lawsuits - Reuters
Mark J. Astarita, -- The Securities Law Blog


Madoff & the SEC
Usha Rodrigues, Conglomerate (12/17/2008)


Why the SEC missed the Madoff fraud
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog (12/16/2008)


SIPC to Liquidate Madoff Broker-Dealer. Why?
Mark J. Astarita, -- The Securities Law Blog


Arthur Levitt, Bernie Madoff and the SEC
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog (12/16/2008)


Next Up - Investors As Defendants
Mark J. Astarita, -- The Securities Law Blog


Questions About The SEC And A Warning For Investors
Tom Gorman, SEC Actions Blog (12/15/2008)


The Madoff diaries...
Michelle Leder, (12/15/2008)


Lessons from Madoff
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog (12/15/2008)


Madoff: Mystique or Mistake?
Edith Orenstein, FEI Financial Reporting Blog (12/15/2008)


Headline News: Deception, Corruption and Litigation
Kevin LaCroix, The D&O Diary (12/15/2008)


OCA Remarks at Last Week's AICPA Conference
Dave Lynn, The Blog (12/15/2008)


This Week In Securities Litigation (December 12, 2008)
Tom Gorman, SEC Actions Blog (12/12/2008)


Hedge fund registration and Madoff's investors
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog (12/12/2008)


Busy Week at the SEC
Joel Beck, BD Law Blog (12/12/2008)