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Knowledge Mosaic Inc. is an online publishing company that uses advanced technology to deliver comprehensive packages of regulatory information, interpretive guidance, and news to compliance professionals in highly regulated industries.

Our online portals will streamline your research and facilitate compliance.


Securities Mosaic

Since its launch in 2002, Securities Mosaic® has become an indispensable resource for thousands of securities professionals, who depend on it for comprehensive, up-to-the-minute disclosure and regulatory information. The website features suites of data in six areas: disclosure, regulation, enforcement/litigation, SROs, guidance, and news.

Our innovative research platform, at once powerful and lightweight, combines the industry’s best current awareness tools with a multi-level, highly searchable database of vital securities news and real-time data.


Securities Mosaic News Service


KM Policy Watch

Our web-based compliance platform and alerting system, created with feedback from the world’s leading financial institutions, helps bankers and broker-dealers manage their organizations’ internal policies and procedures in the face of increasingly complicated regulations.  The system is customizable to an organization’s unique needs and data — users set up their own tracking taxonomy and alerting protocol — resulting in a supremely reliable and efficient compliance management tool.


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