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The Lexis® Securities Mosaic® research and current awareness platform is an indispensable resource for law firms, financial services companies, corporations, accounting and auditing firms, consulting firms, regulatory agencies, and universities.

With intuitive and versatile search capabilities for SEC filings, a complete collection of federal laws and regulations, extensive federal agency rulemaking materials, and commentary provided from nearly 100,000 law firm memos, Lexis® Securities Mosaic® offers an unrivaled balance between comprehensive content and affordability. Knowledge Mosaic® employs cutting-edge technologies for search and customized alerting to keep you in the know.

Lexis® Securities Mosaic® offers a "whole product" experience. While competing products offer partial solutions, Lexis® Securities Mosaic® meets all of the needs of a securities attorney. For more information about us and how attorneys use our product, please read our Site Overview.

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