Advanced Text Search Help

Please Note:  Advanced Text Search Help does not apply to pages that return results based on relevance (currently the SEC Filings, Risk Factors, Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials, SEC Comment Letters, and Law Firm Memos pages). These pages use a new search logic which combines the use of Boolean operators with relevance to boost pertinent documents in your results. To learn more, view the relevance-based text search document, accessible via a link underneath the text search box on those search pages.




Advanced Features: Boolean and Other Operators


filing or disclosure 

Use or between search terms to expand your search by locating documents containing either search term.  In the example to the left, the search will generate results containing either word (or both).


commissioner and rulemaking

Use and between search terms to limit your search by locating documents in which both of the entered search terms appear.  In the example, the search will generate results containing both words in the same document.


violations not fraud

Use not between search terms to limit your search by locating documents in which the first search term appears, but the second search term does not. In the example search, results will include only documents in which the word "violations" appears but the word "fraud" does not. 

Search using Parentheses ( )

(stock purchase or stock buyback) and (open market or negotiated transactions) 

Use parentheses to order Boolean operators in a single search; commands inside parentheses are executed first. Parentheses are recommended when using more than two different operators.

Wildcard Search using an Asterisk *


The first example will return words such as transport, transaction, transform, transition, etc.
The second example will return "amendment" or "amendments." 
To search for all words that begin with a specific string of characters, type in that string of characters followed by an *.

Please Note:  global capit*
but not glob* capitalization

The wildcard symbol can only be used at the end of the search term.

Please Note:  trad*
but not tr* 

The root of the wildcard search term must be at least 3 characters.


Other Guidelines

Upper/ Lower Case:

stock near purchase or

The search engine is not case sensitive.  Use either lower case or upper case to enter your search terms or Boolean operators.  

Quotation Marks:

“Securities and Exchange Commission” (with quotation marks) will return results that contain that exact phrase. 


Securities and Exchange Commission (without quotation marks) will assume the "and" is a Boolean operator, so the search will return results that contain both the term "securities" and the term "exchange commission." 

Please Note:  Although quotation marks are not generally necessary for a text search, they are if your text string contains the words "and," "or," or "not."  Without quotation marks, these words will be treated as Boolean operators rather than as text. 

Illegal Characters:

Cannot use these: 
 !  @  #  $  %  ^

Some Non-Alphanumeric Characters are illegal in our system.
characters include  !   @   #   $   %   ^

Other Characters:

Results may vary using these: 
(  )  -  ,  .  :  /  &

Search engines have difficulty differentiating certain other characters. Results may vary from text as entered.
These characters include (  )   -   ,   &  .   :   /