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What is Lexis® Securities Mosaic®?

Lexis® Securities Mosaic® is a subscription-based website and news service focusing on heavily regulated industries, including securities, communications, finance, commerce, and trade.

Lexis® Securities Mosaic® is a product of LexisNexis, a Reed Elsevier Inc. company. The Knowledge Mosaic® team is based in Seattle, Washington.

What does a subscription get me?

A subscription, typically good for one year, gives the user full access to all our search pages, news publications, and other website tools (including download and email utilities, as well as personalized features such as Watchlist alerts, stored searches, and print cart). Research assistance and technical support are also included as part of the subscription.

Do I need to download any software?

No. The platform is hosted on our server and is available through an internet browser. (We recommend Internet Explorer, though Firefox and Chrome should be fine, too.)

How current is the data on Lexis® Securities Mosaic®?

Very. Data that changes constantly, such as SEC filings, are updated virtually in real time; most agency materials, regulations, laws, etc., are updated regularly, at least every few days. To find out more, click on the "Data Details" link that appears in the upper right-hand corner of most pages on Lexis® Securities Mosaic®.

How far back does your data go?

It depends. We have some data that is quite old (back to the 1930s). Our SEC filings are indexed back to 1960s, while electronic versions of SEC filings go back to 1994. To find out more, click on the "Data Details" link that appears in the upper right-hand corner of most search pages on Lexis® Securities Mosaic®.

Why do electronic versions of filings go back only to 1994?

Because that’s when the SEC first began requiring electronic (EDGAR) filing for all filers. Prior to 1994, most filings were submitted only in paper form, as they had been for decades.

How can I get a copy of paper filings?

There are a number of information providers who provide, for a fee, facsimile versions of paper filings. Please contact us if you need more information.

What if I have specific questions about searching, or need technical assistance?

You can read our Technical & Searching FAQs, visit our Support page, or contact us.